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Crystal Head Vodka and Skull Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

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Crystal Head Vodka and Skull Cocktail Shaker Gift Set


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**This Gift Set Includes One 750 ml Bottle of Crystal Head Vodka and a Skull Cocktail Shaker!!**

Crystal Head vodka is the pure pleasure choice for consumers who wish to treat themselves, step up, and enjoy a finer vodka. Our beverage consists of the proprietary mash and the deep glacial aquifer Newfoundland water – and that’s it!

Crystal Head vodka tastes like no other vodka in the world.

Tasting Notes
Our vodka is thrice filtered thrugh charcoal and then thrice filtered through Herkimer diamonds. (search Griffiss Air Force base, Rome, New York). Many common vodka producers add industrial oils in an attempt to attain satiny, velvety smoothness. This often results in an artificial, viscous mouth feel. There are zero additives in Crystal Head vodka – no glycol (an ingredient for engine anti-freeze); no citrus oil (used in its raw form as an insect exterminant); and no raw sugar (finely produced vodka does not need any sugar).This Vodka is remarked on a “vanilla, sweet flavor, dry, crisp, with a kick of heat off the finish,” making it simply unlike any other vodka.

The Vodka
This Pure Spirit, vodka triple filtered through polished crystals known as Herkimer diamonds, free of additives, is exquisite any time of the year but perhaps ideal for October. Brought to us by Dan Aykroyd, known for his fascination with the invisible world, Crystal Head Vodka ties in with the story of the 13 Crystal Heads that have been unearthed at various times on our planet... from the Yucatan to Tibet. The Heads are believed to emit positive energy, good will and prosperity. Crystal Head Vodka is perfect as a lone shot, chilled or served in signature cocktails. Unlike most vodkas in today's marketplace that use additives, glycol, citrus and sugar to improve smoothness and flavor, Crystal Head Vodka is a pure spirit with no additives. It is quadrupled distilled and filtered three times through charcoal followed by triple filtration over Herkimer crystals from one of the planets rarest deposits of close concentrated semi-precious stones- Dan Aykroyd. (also known as Crystal Skull Vodka).

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